Making things fit people


What is ergonomics?

In simple terms, ergonomics focuses on optimizing workspaces using specialised equipment and furniture which are unique to the needs of the worker, improving comfort and efficiency in the workplace. 

Why bother?

Musculoskeletal Disorders (MSDs) were the highest incidence of claims (58%) in 2015/16 of all injuries in the workforce. These injuries are the most prevalent in the office environment.

  • Ergonomic intervention reduces rates of workplace injury, improves productivity (in some cases >10%), reduces lost/restricted workdays, reduces staff turnover, reduces staff absenteeism, can have a ROI of up to 84:1.

  • Immediate median costs of a serious claim is around $10K, median time off work is 5.2 weeks.

  • Total costs to the employer are significant - overtime to cover the injured worker, change to workers compensation insurance excess and premiums, staff turnover and recruitment costs and, staff training/retraining.

What do we do?

At Albert Park Physiotherapy, we have physiotherapists that are experts in providing ergonomic assessments and make recommendations to meet your ergonomic needs. We help to reduce ergonomic risk factors for the workplace, reduce the rate for workplace injury and improve staff retention, comfort and happiness.

Our services

 Office Sweep

1.       This is a proactive way to prevent workplace MSDs, and improve productivity and comfort by quickly evaluating a person’s fit to a workstation

Individual Ergonomic Assessments

An individual ergonomic assessment is required when:

1.       A staff member has an existing injury and/or;

2.       A staff member is consistently reporting pain when working (at the workplace or at home working) and/or;

3.       A staff member has a referral for a health professional requesting assessment or workstation modification.

See below table to help determine what service/s you may require:

Ergonomics table.JPG