Cricket Injuries

It’s that time of year again. As we head towards the final games of the international ODIs and T20s and the Big Bash League, domestic cricketers also heads towards their finals.

Cricketers are generally notoriously bad at getting injuries seen to as, often, it may be 2-4 weeks before they have to bowl or bat again. Heat and rain delays provide time for rest and recovery as do the holidays and at the end of the season there is six months to recover. This often leads to players carrying the same chronic injuries from one season to the next.

The most common injuries in cricket include:

·       Lower back strains

·       Stress reactions

·       Shoulder injuries

·       Hamstring, groin and side strains

Physiotherapists are ideally placed to help assess and treat these sports related conditions and help rehabilitate your injuries to enhance your performance, prevent future injuries and see you on the park for longer.

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Brendan Duncan

Sports Physiotherapist