Hip Pain


Pain felt in the side of the hip region (lateral hip pain) is a very common condition, especially amongst women whose incidence of this problem is five times greater than men. Often, incorrectly attributed to hip joint arthritis or even the lower back, lateral hip pain is most commonly caused by compressive forces and loading on the tendons of the buttock muscles near where they attach to the top of the thigh bone.  Sometimes there is associated bursitis with this problem.

The pain usually comes on gradually or after a sudden increase in physical activity and is at its worst climbing stairs or hills, lying on the side at night or after sitting for a long time. It can be very painful condition which, when severe, can radiate pain down the side of the leg.

The good news is that lateral hip pain can be helped greatly by physiotherapy!

At Albert Park Physiotherapy, this consists of:

1.      Identifying the factors which contribute to the condition and modifying postures and activities to reduce compressive loads on the tendons and bursa.

2.      Addressing strength and stability deficits in the pelvis and deep buttock muscles and reducing over activity in the superficial muscles with techniques like massage/dry needling.

3.      In severe cases, liaising with our medical colleagues is necessary for help with pain relief.

These strategies really work! Especially if we see you as soon as possible.