Warming up this Winter

Winter is definitely upon us, and as the weather gets colder we all seem to eat more and exercise less.  However, summer bodies are made in winter and now is the time to continue your program or get one started.

Exercise can be performed in a gym, park, pool or at home.  Wherever we decide to do it, sprains and strains that are common in the colder months can be prevented by warming up appropriately.

Warming up will:

·       Increase blood flow to areas of the body that need it the most

·       Speed up nerve impulses to enhance reflexes

·       Reduce muscle tension and improve joint mobility

Warming up doesn’t have to be a laborious task.  It can be as simple as practicing the same exercise at a lower intensity or going for a pre exercise walk.  Dynamic stretching (stretching with movement) is also a very good way to prepare our muscles and joints for the upcoming activity.  Wearing long sleeves or track pants during a warm up may be beneficial too. Whilst these simple effective strategies can help to reduce injury, some people may require a more tailor-made warm up geared to their level of activity. Our physios at Albert Park Physiotherapy are experienced in making sure our clients have a balanced approach to warming up and can make it fun as well!

Whilst the cold can make it more difficult to exercise, with the correct preparation and warm up there is no better time to get active and stay injury free!